Spring Fever

Finally! The temperatures have started to warm up, the flowers and trees are blooming and I, for one, am feeling very hopeful and energized with spring fever. At this time of year, our thoughts usually turn to shaking off winter and getting ready for the upcoming summer months and all that that entails. Grooming the garden, spring cleaning and thoughts about refreshing and refurbishing our homes seem to take top

Trade Blog – The Good Old Days?

I was having a conversation with a longtime client (from back in my father’s day) about how much our industry has changed, specifically, cabinetry. He was reflecting how back in the day a builder would call in an order for a set of kitchen cabinets and it could be delivered the next day. The reason for such quick processing was that there really wasn’t much choice back then in the

Is the White Kitchen Trend Coming to an End?

Recently, a friend of mine, another Kitchen Designer said to me, “If I have to design one more white kitchen, I’ll scream!”  Such is the popularity of white kitchens and baths right now but how much longer will the trend last?  After doing a little research I found that expert opinion is somewhat divided.   However, the NKBA reports that 67% of members say that white is their go to choice