I was having a conversation with a longtime client (from back in my father’s day) about how much our industry has changed, specifically, cabinetry. He was reflecting how back in the day a builder would call in an order for a set of kitchen cabinets and it could be delivered the next day. The reason for such quick processing was that there really wasn’t much choice back then in the way of sizing or styles. There were very specific cabinet sizes and you just made it work. Today, however, the sky is the limit and the possibilities are endless in terms of design, specifications and materials. Current cabinetry design whether it is for the kitchen, bath, or other areas of the home or apartment requires very specific design knowledge and specific software fluency. These tools are what will effectively provide our client with a beautiful, functional, end product. We were recently called in on a kitchen and bath project in Switzerland, the architects and builders were German and the new owners were American. Although there was a language barrier, the universal techniques, design software proficiency and product knowledge made it possible for us to communicate back and forth without the need to involve the client unnecessarily which was what we were hired for. The project was completed in a timely manner to everyone’s delight and satisfaction.

Every so often, we are asked by a potential client what we can do for them. The short answer is, we will push your project forward smoothly and on time. The long answer is a little more complicated. Often, project owners will choose to let a building manager be their liaison with the cabinetry manufacturer or millwork shop. This frequently ends negatively when certain manufacturing or design questions arise and no one is equipped to answer them. The building owner usually has to be consulted and some research is required; that is when professionals like us are often called in to help, but by then building has stopped and costs have increased. When we are called in on a building project from the start, we manage everything from initial design, subsequent revisions, software adaptation, manufacturing procedures, scheduling delivery and installer consultation. This ensures a seamless, on-budget process from beginning to end.

After listening to my friend, an old-timer, contemplating “the good old days” of quick delivery and turnover, I couldn’t help but think that these days of providing unique, beautiful, functional designs are so much more rewarding. I know my colleagues and I, with all of our acquired knowledge and skills look forward to tackling each new project and any challenges that come with it because we are secure in our ability to deliver a beautiful space within any budget.

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